3/8″ TC-X 100/101 Series

TC-X100/101 pumps are specially designed for extremely low speed fluid transfer, frequent start/stop and dead head type applications with a choice of multi-port options.

Maximum Flow Rate: 6.1 GPM (23 LPM)
Maximum Discharge Head: 230 FT (70 m)
Available in: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Glass Fiber Reinforced Pure Polypropylene (PPG)
Spool Valve type: Spring-less Valve
Certifications: CE, ATEX, FDA (SUS Models)
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TC-X 100/101 Series Air Operated Pumps
TC-X100/101 Series AODD Pumps Data Sheet
TC-X100/101 Series AODD Pumps Manual
TC-X100/101 Series AODD Pump Service book

TC-X100 Series AODD Pump curve TC-X101 Series AODD Pump curve

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