AODD Drum Pump

Drum Pumps

Available in a range of sizes and materials suitable for pumping directly from 55 gallon drums

  • For the safe clean and efficient transfer of all kinds of liquids including; Corrosive Chemicals, Oils, Lubricants Waste liquids, Solvents, Paints, Inks, Diesel, and other Fuels
  • Available with 1/4” 3/8” 1/2” 3/4” and 1” pump connections
  • Available in; Pure PP, GFRPP, Conductive PP, PVDF, PTFE, Aluminium, SUS & Electro Polished SUS
  • Max Flow Rate up to: 58 gpm
  • Max Particle Size up to: 6.5mm
  • Max Liquid Discharge Pressure: 100 psi

Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps promise unparalleled performance, versatility, and durability. Let’s look at how these pumps can transform your liquid transfer operations.

Unmatched Performance: At the core of Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps lies a commitment to performance excellence. These pumps are meticulously engineered to excel in a myriad of applications. Whether you’re transferring corrosive chemicals, viscous solvents, or abrasive slurries, Iwaki Air pumps rise to the occasion. With advanced diaphragm technology and robust construction, they ensure smooth, reliable operation even in the harshest industrial environments.

Efficiency at its Core: Efficiency is not just a goal but a fundamental principle embodied by Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps. By harnessing the power of air instead of electricity, these pumps deliver unparalleled energy efficiency and cost savings. Say goodbye to hefty electricity bills and hello to a greener, more sustainable fluid handling solution. Furthermore, their compact design and lightweight construction facilitate easy installation and portability, ensuring hassle-free operation wherever they’re needed.

Reliability You Can Trust: Reliability is the cornerstone of every successful operation, and Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps are engineered with this principle in mind. Constructed from premium materials and subjected to rigorous quality testing, these pumps are built to withstand the toughest challenges. Whether it’s harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, or demanding work environments, Iwaki Air pumps stand the test of time, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Key Features of Our AODD Drum Pumps

Air-operated design: By utilizing compressed air instead of electricity, Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps offer unmatched energy efficiency and cost savings. This innovative design also eliminates the risk of electrical hazards, making them ideal for hazardous environments.

Versatile compatibility: Iwaki Air pumps can handle a wide range of fluid types with ease. Their compatibility with various drum sizes further enhances their versatility, allowing users to tackle different applications without the need for multiple pumps.

Adjustable flow rates: Precision is key in fluid handling, and Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps provide users with precise control over flow rates. Whether you need a gentle transfer for delicate liquids or a rapid flow for high-volume tasks, these pumps can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements.

Robust construction: Built to endure the rigors of industrial environments, Iwaki Air pumps feature robust construction and high-quality materials. From chemical-resistant diaphragms to durable pump housings, every component is engineered for longevity and reliability, ensuring consistent performance day in and day out.

Easy installation and portability: Designed for convenience, Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps boast a compact and lightweight design that simplifies installation and facilitates portability. Whether you’re setting up a new operation or relocating existing equipment, these pumps offer unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.

Different Applications of Drum Pumps

Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps find applications across a wide spectrum of industries, including but not limited to:

Chemical manufacturing: From transferring acids and bases to handling solvents and specialty chemicals, Iwaki Air pumps are the go-to solution for chemical processing applications.

Automotive and aerospace: From lubricants and hydraulic fluids to coolant and fuel additives, Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps play a vital role in the automotive and aerospace sectors, facilitating efficient fluid transfer in manufacturing and maintenance operations.

Oil and gas: In the oil and gas industry, where harsh environments and demanding conditions are the norm, Iwaki Air pumps excel. Whether it’s transferring crude oil, fracking fluids, or chemical additives, these pumps deliver reliable performance under extreme pressures and temperatures.

Water treatment: From wastewater treatment plants to municipal water supply facilities, Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps are trusted for their reliability and efficiency in transferring chemicals, acids, and other fluids essential for water treatment processes.

Agriculture and farming: In agricultural applications, Iwaki Air pumps are utilized for transferring fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides with precision and efficiency, helping farmers optimize crop yields while minimizing waste.

Electronics manufacturing: In the electronics industry, where precision and cleanliness are paramount, Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps play a crucial role in transferring specialty chemicals, etchants, and solvents used in semiconductor manufacturing and circuit board assembly.


Innovation, reliability, efficiency—these are the hallmarks of Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps. Whether you’re seeking to enhance productivity, minimize downtime, or reduce operating costs, our pumps offer a transformative solution for your fluid handling needs. Join the ranks of industries worldwide that rely on Iwaki Air for their liquid transfer operations and experience the difference first hand. Elevate your efficiency, elevate your productivity—elevate your operations with Iwaki Air AODD Drum Pumps today.