3/4″ TC-X203 Series

TC-X203-Series 3/4″ pumps are available in Aluminum and Stainless Steel with optional Aluminum air motor section for exceptional chemical resistance. Featuring the new Looped C® Air Motor technology. Threaded connections available.

Maximum Flow Rate: 52.8 GPM (120 LPM)
Maximum Discharge Head: 230 FT (70 m)
Available in: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Spool Valve type: Looped C Spring Valve
Check Valves: Ball type
Certification: CE
TC-X203 Series AODD Pumps
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TC-X203 Series AODD Pumps ManualTC-X202 Series AODD Pumps Manual

TC-X203 Series Pumps Service Book

TC-X203AS AODD Pumps CurvesTC-X203AS Series Pump Curves
TC-X203 Series Pumps Dimensions
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