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Reason #1 | Why Choose AODD Pumps


I have been asked many times over the past 12+ years why anyone would want or need to use an Air-Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pump and I reply, “Why wouldn’t anyone want to use one?” I usually go into my list of multiple reasons why and they look at me as if I just recited them the Declaration of Independence rather than answer their specific question (I often tend to overexplain lots of simple features and benefits). There are lots of great reasons to use AODD pumps and I want to point out and discuss them and give real-world examples [...]

Reason #1 | Why Choose AODD Pumps2018-09-26T09:24:25-05:00

Reason #2 | Why Choose AODD Pumps?


Demystifying Air Pressure Requirements for AODD Pumps There is generally much confusion and misinformation about the differences between Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), Standard Cubic Feet per Minute (SCFM) and Pounds per Square Inch (PSI), Pounds per Square Inch – Gauge (PSIG) when it applies to powering an AODD pump. Even I get a bit tripped up but hopefully the information below will help us all better understand the terminology. In a future article, I will provide an overview of how to read and understand the different aspects of an AODD performance curve and what air force (PSI) and air [...]

Reason #2 | Why Choose AODD Pumps?2018-09-26T09:26:16-05:00

Reason #3 | Why Choose AODD Pumps


Reading and Understanding AODD Pump Curves – Part of the Prescription I have always used the work “prescribe” rather than suggest or recommend an AODD model for an application. Just as when you go to the doctor and they diagnose your ailments they ask a series of questions and take a series of measurements or readings (weight, height, temperature, blood pressure) and then diagnoses your situation. Not that I am comparing what we do to a doctor but the process is the same. We ask, “What’s problem are you trying to solve (pump a fluid from point A to point [...]

Reason #3 | Why Choose AODD Pumps2018-09-26T09:27:15-05:00

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